This page provides full details on the conditions, criteria and process for joining the Young Franciscans. Once you feel you are ready you can fill in our application form here: 

Can I apply?

Any follower of Jesus, aged 18-35 and in good standing with their own church, is welcome to apply to join the Community. While YF is run by Anglicans and church placements will most likely be at Anglican churches we are open to the wonderful range of church tradition and will accept members from across many different denominations and cultures.

As we live and pray and serve together, we learn to hold our differences before God and love one another – to pursue reconciliation and understanding, in the context of our love for God and for the world around us.

Our Vision

Our intention is to know Jesus Christ and make Him known after the example of St Francis by living simply, sacrificially and joyfully for the love of God, the Church and all of Creation.

Members may include lay and ordained – the only prerequisite is a willingness to be transformed and to learn.

There are two streams of membership: Residential and dispersed.

Criteria for Residential

In order to be eligible for residential membership, prospective applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Aged between 18 and 35 on 1st September 2019 and a UK citizen or permanent resident.

  2. Participation in a regular capacity in a local community of Christian worship.

  3. Single. If an applicant is in a committed personal situation, whether in a romantic relationship or some other firm commitment, we would explore during the application process whether it would be possible or suitable to attempt an intensive commitment to community life. There will be a commitment to the community first, so while relationships will not be stopped we would urge caution and care for any residential member as it can pull you away from the community.

  4. A level of English that allows the person to benefit from the teaching (lectures and reading), share and discuss matters of faith with others and participate in the social life of the Community.

  5. Prospective participants of the residential program must be available between 17 September 2019 and 27 July 2020, with no planned substantial periods of absence.

Applications for Membership 2019-2020 are open

The Application Process


Applications for residential membership for the academic year 2019-2020 are now open. The deadline for applications is Friday 22nd June 2020.

The enquirer form, found on the website ( needs to be completely filled in by this date. 

We will process all applications on a rolling basis. Please note that the speed of the review process is not indicative of the success (or otherwise) of your application. Interviews for Residential Membership will be organised at a later date with the candidates.. Your application will be thoughtfully and prayerfully reviewed by a panel.

Because of the limited number of places, many both highly able and prayerful people will nonetheless not be invited to stage 2.

If selected, you’ll be invited to take part in a face-to-face interview.

Even if it is not possible to invite you to take up a residential place, we would welcome you to join the Young Franciscan’s dispersed community. If there is a group near you, we will introduce you to the group or if there is not a group nearby, we would be pleased to discuss setting one up in your area with your support.

The selection process takes place in two stages, after which a final decision is made.

Stage 1 – The Application

  1. The applicant completes the YF enquirer’s paper form and sends it to OR fills in the online form.

  2. Every application is read by a group of reviewers.

  3. Based on the recommendation of the reviewers, some applicants are invited to the interview stage. All will be notified of the status of their application via email.

Stage 2 - The Interview

  1. A face-to-face interview is scheduled later.

  2. The applicants meet with an interview panel for a one-hour interview.

  3. Following interviews, a final decision is made by the interview panel.

  4. All interview participants will be notified of the final decision by the panel.

The Selection Process

Any Offer of Membership will be subject to:

  • Satisfactory references

  • Clear enhanced DBS check

  • Proof of UK citizenship or permanent residency

Data Protection

When submitting your application, you must indicate your consent that the information that you supply will be used to process your application to join the Young Franciscans and this information may be processed by approved reviewers. You consent that the sensitive information that you submit will be held, processed (including automatically), and otherwise treated according to policies implemented by the Young Franciscans with regards to data protection, information security and information retention. Personal information will not be shared with any third party, either free or for profit, outside of the Young Franciscans and the Church of England.  Copies of relevant policies are available on request via


In the UK, organisations which help vulnerable adults or children are required by law to check that workers or volunteers who may spend time with them do not have a history of violence or sexual misconduct. We call this ‘Safeguarding’. Since the members of the Young Franciscans will spend part of their time serving vulnerable and disadvantaged people, if you receive a Conditional Offer into membership we will be running a check with the UK Disclosures and Barring Service (previously CRB).


The Young Franciscans are committed to ensuring that applications from those with disabilities of any kind are thoughtfully and prayerfully considered, regardless of the nature of the disability. However, the Community House, presents particular access challenges, including narrow staircases, which may render it sadly unlikely that those with substantial mobility impairment will currently be able to fully participate in residential Community life for the time being. Please discuss your needs on the enquirer’s form

Terms & Conditions