There are two branches to the Young Franciscans, we have a growing group of young adults of which there are currently eleven members. The second is being formed as we speak, we are developing a Franciscan house where up to five young people aged between 18-35 will live for a year in a community under a rule developed with the current four members who live next door.  Together they will seek to live by a rhythm of prayer, work, study and mission.  The members will live this way of life along side a normal job and will be expected to give towards the rent of the house and needs of the community.  Daily prayer will be available held within an on sight chapel that has been developed in the house.   Weekly group meetings will take place as well as monthly larger gatherings.  There will be three retreats a year as well as a pilgrimage to Assisi towards the end of the year.   There will be opportunities for members to have a church placement on Sunday's and work with the local vicar to develop in ministerial experience.    To find out more get in contact or apply to join.

Each member of the dispersed community has already or are in the process of developing a rule of life.  The second group will form a house rule together in combination with an advisory group.  This group has been formed to help decision make and run the YF, it is made up, (myself)- Rev’d Chris Lee TSSF, Br Sam SSF who is a first order member and who has lead Hillfield Priory for 30 years. Jamie Hacker Hughes TSSF who is the Minister Provincial for the European Province.  Jamie is the head of the third order in Europe.   Paul Alexander TSSF, who was my novice guardian. Simon Jenkins who is the church warden at St Saviour’s.  Emily Miller TSSF, Emily is the area minister for west London and brings a business and media mind to the group.   Rev’d Richard Bastable, Vicar of St Luke's Uxbridge Road and who brings a strong Anglo Catholic perspective.

The vision of the Young Franciscans is;

“To know and make known Jesus Christ after the example of St Francis by living simply, sacrificially and joyfully for the love of God, the church and all of creation.

As a Franciscan you will look to develop your spiritual life and grow in your love for Christ.  There are ten  areas which will be the focus for development; the idea is to prayerfully think through how you will commit to the development of these areas  and grow as a Christian.  You are to consider each area and make a commitment under each title that you will be willing to take on for a year.  The commitment you agree to make is not meant to be controlling or restrictive, rather it is to help you focus and grow.  You will use it as a helpful structure to live your life for Christ, think of it as scaffolding that is put up around your life, which will help you more acutely address areas of your Christina self.  Like scaffolding it can be moved and adjusted where necessary.   As Christ said the Sabbath is for man, not man for the Sabbath.

The Personal Rule of Life for dispersed members

The personal rule of life is drawn up under ten headings:

  1. The Eucharist. Young Franciscans seek a great understanding of Eucharist, and look to receive it with appropriate reverence.

  2. Penitence. Young Franciscans set aside time to look at their life in the light of Christ’s teachings and see where God is working and where he may be calling for change. They ask for forgiveness for their failings and guidance for the future.

  3. Personal Prayer. Each day, Young Franciscans look for opportunities to offer praise and prayer to God. They generally spend a continuous period each day in prayer or reflection.

  4. Self-denial. Young Franciscans seek to live joyfully a life of simplicity, humble service and self discipline after the example of St Francis.

  5. Retreat. Young Franciscans make a Retreat each year to allow God to develop their awareness of Him and His calling of them.

  6. Study. Young Franciscans study to grow in the knowledge of God and His world. They look on such study as a way of making them better able to serve God.

  7. Simplicity Young Franciscans seek to serve God in all they do and with all they possess. Like St Francis, they set aside the desire to acquire possessions or the good opinion of others for their own glory.

  8. Place in society; work; family. Young Franciscans offer to God their place in society, their work and their duty to those to whom their lives are attached. They make God’s love known by word and deed

  9. Obedience. Young Franciscans commit themselves in obedience to keep their Rule of Life. In so doing they are alert to the voice of the Spirit speaking inwardly and through their Spiritual Director and other people. They live in Christian Fellowship with their Franciscan brothers and sisters by attending the YF meetings and retreats.

  10. Mission. Spreading the gospel is at the heart of their walk with Christ, they will look to be involved with mission work in their place of work and or church.

The current community is:

Chris Lee, Jenny Lee, Ollie Kendal, Lizzie Kendal, Chris Hill, Emma Wayne, Grace Park, Jonny Hall,Philippa Guy, Sophie Willis, Lauren McKenna, Elea Houston, Charlie Wheeler, Alex Cama, Miriam Brandon Please do pray for us.